Hepatitis B Treatment Could Be Possible With a Magic Pill

A newly discovered pill by an Australian scientist could make possible Hepatitis B treatment as the pill is expected to cure the problem. It is a silent killer and you may have to live with the disease for long. This is as close as scientists have been able to come in discovering a cure for hepatitis. It is one of the most common infections of the liver and there are millions the world over suffering from the problem. Crunchbar

 The liver gets inflated as a result of the infection and your liver stops working automatically. It is not easy for anyone to know if they have to undergo hepatitis test or not as the symptoms can be very deceptive and people often mistake it for common liver problems or even jaundice. You can experience headache, coupled with vomiting, pass dark yellow colored urine, dehydration, yellowing of the skin and eyes when you have hepatitis B. Crunchbar

The virus is the primary cause and you can be affected with hepatitis transmission by living with a person affected with the virus. The virus is usually transferred through blood and so it is called a blood urine virus. Having sex with an infected person or sharing a needle with someone having the virus can result in hepatitis transmission and it is one of the major causes of hepatitis. People who have multiple sex partners are known to be infected with the virus.

Tattooing is another way of getting infected as the body piercing tools are not always clean and patients on dialysis can also be infected. It is a disease that can happen to anyone as the virus gets transferred through the blood. Newborns are at risk of contracting hepatitis from their infected mothers. A hepatitis test will reveal the problem, but you can prevent by using a condom during sex and avoid having sex with multiple partners.  

Avoid using used needles and keep all sores and cuts covered and hepatitis test is usually conducted on pregnant women to identify any traces of the virus. All infants are administered hepatitis B vaccines as well as those who are 11 or 12 year olds. Infection can also be transmitted to adults from razors, needles or toothbrushes. But a magic cure for hepatitis pill has been discovered by Australian scientists.

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